• Mar 21, 2014

What keeps exhibitors happy and keeps customers coming back? Giving away a pen and saying "thank you" is not sufficient. Why not create a buzz and earn returns on your investment at the same time! For exhibitors you want to get the most return from your spend which may include the cost of the booth, decor items such as tablecloth, plants, podium, etc. See 5 ways you can improve your response rate from attendees:

1. Offer an incentive to stop by - Give the attendees a reason to stop and interact with you. 



2. Be a charging station - Most everyone has a cell phone or other mobile device such as a tablet or laptop. Why not capitalize on this to increase the traffic stopping by. 


3. Offer Wi-Fi Hotspot - Most convention centers and tradeshow locations do not offer complimentary wi-fi internet. By offering this service you will attract more persons to your booth to then engage.


4. Have a contest - Create a contest that will engage attendees to visit by giving away a high perceived gift. Ensure your gift is personalized with your company branding and message so that you'll get maximum returns on your investment.


5. Start promoting before the tradeshow begins - If possible promote your services or products to attendees before the trade show begins.


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