Q: ARTWORK - What kind of art file is accepted?

We accept vector artwork i.e. files created in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw in an AI or EPS format, with all fonts converted to outlines. We also accept vector PDFs. Adobe Photoshop file in EPS or TIF format at 300dpi resolution and at the actual print size (or bigger) may work. Note the word 'may' as this format is not vector and may or may not work for printing promotional products. When in doubt email us what you have and we'll advise of the suitability.


Q: ARTWORK - What kind of art file isn't acceptable?

Files created in Pagemaker, QuarkXpress, Freehand, Publisher, Microsoft Office such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel or JPG, GIF or Bitmap images are usually not acceptable for printing. Please do not take a low resolution image and change the name to an .eps or .ai extension. This doesn't change the quality of the file to vector.


Q: ARTWORK - Why do you need vector art?

There are two types of art files: bitmap and vector. 

Bitmap files: are raster based and composed of individual pixels. JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP files are always raster based.

Vector files: use mathematical relationships between points and use paths connecting them to describe the image. Files such as AI, EPS, CDR, PDF are usually vector based. Please remember that you cannot take a raster image such as JPG and change the extension to AI to convert it from a raster file to vector.

Due to the low quality of the raster file it usually results in poor printing standards. We want your products to have the best impact and your image to be at its best. We're not trying to be difficult when requesting vector files, we're only protecting your image and branding.


Q: ARTWORK - What if I cannot get the vector art format?

The good news is that our team of graphics professionals can create the correct art format needed for a fee. When you send us your artwork we will evaluate it and advise if anything needs to be done. We work with you to ensure that your designs and artwork is in keeping with our quality standards.


Q: ARTWORK - Where do I send the artwork?

When shopping online simply upload your art file during the checkout process. You can also email your artwork to Please call (876) 668-4023 with any questions you may have.


Q: ARTWORK - Do you keep my artwork on file?

We keep an archive of every art that we use for our customers. Once we have your approved logo on file you do not need to send it to us again. However please note that if an art file is dormant for 2 years or more we will not keep it on file.


Q: PRODUCTS - I can't find the product I am looking for on the website. Do you have other items?

Definitely! Our website includes hand selected products that work for every occasion. However we have access to over 850,000 products not listed on the website. Let's face it, that's too much for you to go through...that's why we're here. So, please contact us during work hours (8:30 AM - 4:30 PM) for a consultation with one of our knowledgeable team members who will work with you to find the best solution.


Q: ORDERING - What is the minimum quantity I have to order for each item?

Minimum quantities are listed as the starting pricing column. If you have a question concerning the minimum quantity please feel free to contact us at


Q: ORDERING - What if I only need 1 item without a logo?

Our business specializes in providing corporate merchandise and are not a resale site for individual purchasers. We try to keep the minimums low but as we specialize in promotional products we are limited. For single items please check out


Q: ORDERING - What are set-up charges

To print your personalized items requires films, printing plates, embroidery digitizing, setting up laser engraving, to name a few of the process. There are charges that apply to the related items. Please note that there are some items that have no set-up charges. All additional charges will be communicated from the office.


Q: ORDERING - How can I place my order? 

Simply select the items you want to your cart and proceed to checkout. Otherwise, contact us at or contact one of our professionals at (876) 668-4023 to place your order.


Q: ORDERING - What happens after the order is placed? 

After the order is placed we will need your appropriate vector artwork. We also need confirmation of the imprint color(s) to be used. Once this is received our art department will set up a virtual proof and email your virtual proof and confirmation. You must approve your order and artwork for production to begin. If we have other questions or require additional information we will contact you immediately. Throughout the entire order process we will keep you informed.


Q: ORDERING - What is your over/under run policy?  

Unlike most companies who bill for up to 10% over run, we do not bill for any over runs that may be produced on your order. You will be billed on exactly the quantity ordered or any under runs.


Q: ORDERING - What if I have a RUSH order

Do you need your item like yesterday? We have products that are available for delivery in short production times (or super short). Call us today to speak with our specialist team and we'll work with you towards the best solution.


Q: ORDERING - How can I check the status if my order

Simply call us during office hours at (876) 668-4023. Please have your job number or customer name handy. You can also send an email to


Q: ORDERING - Can I cancel or change my order

You can cancel anytime prior to your order going into production. Once your items have been customized with your printed logo we are unable to cancel the order at that time. 


Q: SAMPLE - Can I order a sample before purchasing an item

Definitely! Simply contact the office to inquire about samples. We do reserve the right to refuse sample requests we deem as abusive. Our sample service is intended to help those who are seriously considering an item. Please note that samples that are not returned to the company will be charged to you.


Q: SHIPPING - Can I ship internationally

Absolutely! We have the ability to ship globally. Please inquire with a representative in office via email: or via telephone at (876) 668-4023 as each case is different.


Q: SHIPPING - Can you ship to multiple destinations

No problem! We may have to add a drop ship charge for each location, depending on the complexity. Contact us for further information via email: or via telephone at (876) 668-4023.


Q: SHIPPING - How long does it take to receive my products after order placement?

Various items have differing production times. Factors such as quantity, imprint method, shipping destination, artwork issues (for example) affect the production time. Production time for each item can be confirmed with the office prior to order placement. If you have a specific in-hands date let us know and we'll work with you towards the best solution to meet your deadline.

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